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I make you look your best.


Based in New York City, Brynn Elliott Watkins has experience styling editorial, as well as video content, creating unique looks for her subjects, from astronauts to brides... sixties singers to dangling acrobats. 

Brynn Elliott's professional career encompasses everything from working with accessories for Harper's Bazaar to styling shoots for Skagen and Darling Magazine.  

A winner of the Vanity Fair International Best Dressed Competition, Brynn is no stranger to styling and pulling together winning looks which are unique and personal.

Brynn Elliott helped create the mood for thought-provoking music videos for artists such as Sufjan Stevens and Son Lux. 

"I encourage everyone to embrace his or her own style without apology,"  Brynn Elliott notes.  

Whether it be editorial, commercial, print, or live -- Brynn Elliott Watkins strives to create looks to engage, to enchant, and to, ultimately, inspire.  



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